The Books We Keep: Childhood Favorites

No matter how many times I’ve moved I have always made sure to hang onto my books. I have picture books that hold more stories than the pages contain. The American Girl Felicity collection that I’ve treasured since the day I got each of them. Early reading chapter books. My mother’s Nancy Drew hardcovers. I know it pained her to pass them on, but I loved them so much and borrowed as many as I could from the library, that she took comfort in knowing they would continue on. They have a special spot of honor on their own shelf.

Scary stories have always been one of my favorite genres. The kind of tale that really gets into your head and grips your chest. Gets you attached even when you shouldn’t. The ones that make you look at the world a little differently. That sit with you for a while.

Christopher Pike does that. I can still remember details from almost every one of his books I’ve read. I know he was popular in the 80’s, but I’m sure his popularity continued through the 90’s and I think he’s still writing. Even so, I’ve only known two other people who have read his books.

I’m hoping to continue spending more time reading and be able to reread a few favorites-like these books. I’ve also been meaning to reread the Anita Blake books in preparation for the latest five books. I couldn’t bear waiting for each release, so I fell behind and have more to catch up on.

Just some classic stories here. When I returned to a few of them several years ago, it was a trip to the past. A strange time before the internet and social media and widespread cellphones or cameras. There is a dark honesty in his characters. A rawness that makes you forget you’re reading.

If you’re into thrillers with a supernatural twist that stick with you for life, try some of his books out. I’m sure your local library has at least a few. Seriously, how have I not met more people who read these kinds of books?!

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4 thoughts on “The Books We Keep: Childhood Favorites

  1. The name is so familiar! I had a look through his back catalogue but nothing really jumped out except that I read many Point Horror books as a kid and can see he wrote some early ones… Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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      1. This would have been in the early 90s and I especially remember the Babysitter series and RL Stine in particular (who also wrote Goosebumps). I have such a weird relationship with horror – I hate horror films but have always quite liked horror fiction!

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      2. Same. I liked 80’s slasher films, but even then I’d rather read a scary story.
        I definitely read Goosebumps and then Fearstreet. I remember some of the Point Horror books. Bruce Coville was a favorite of mine too. I still have one that’s really tattered.

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