Sleeve Number One

I forgot I was going to need my size 6 circulars for the sleeve cuffs and started to use them on a double knit scarf that will take forever to finish. So, I reached for my double pointed needles. Somehow I’ve misplaced all but two of my bamboo ones, but I do have a full set of metal ones.

Why am I mixing wood and metal then? Because I prefer the wood. They’re less slippery and I’m attached. I’m also frustrated to be using double points instead of my preferred circulars. When I get to the collar, I’m going to have to put the scarf on scrap yarn because I’ve got to have those needles.

Oh well. I’m almost done with the first sleeve. Next, the trick will be to get the second one to look the same. I didn’t mark out picking up stitches, but I should be able to make it work. I definitely wrote out my reverse pattern instructions and the extra modifications I made.

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3 thoughts on “Sleeve Number One

  1. This is one reason I like interchangeable circulars – there are down sides but being able to reclaim a certain size of needle tips because I want to work on a different project today is a bonus.

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    1. It’s why I’ve thought about it, but I’ve seen so many broken ones or attachment issues I’m hesitant.
      Besides, I’d run out of cables and have too many projects running. 🤣 This way I tend to finish something before I move on. 😊


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