I’ve Opened the Can

Can of worms, that is.

I occasionally delve into comment sections on Facebook just to see what people are saying. Mostly it’s a lot of unrecognized need to be heard and validated.

Most of my comment diving is in groups I belong to. Those tend to be more productive conversations and people getting the validation they’re craving.

I wrote about actually making a post in one of these groups the other day. I rarely comment and almost never post anything (except in knitting groups, they’re different). This was a big deal for me and it went pretty well. Except for one person.

One person who felt the need to belittle me, insult my intelligence, and call me hypocritical. What’s funny is they couldn’t see their own hypocrisy. The admins had my back and the post was closed for comments, but people are still liking what I had to say. Yay me!

Part of why this is such a big deal for me is it’s a subject really close to my heart. Well, several topics close to my heart. Passion interests, if you will. The Twilight Saga just happens to be a great example of many of the issues surrounding critiques of my favorite genres, literature with a large female/women fan base, young adult content, writing techniques, and the media storm that ruins any proper understanding of the original work.

The naysayers have been whining long enough that I’m finally outlining and researching for a series of articles on these different aspects, specifically focusing on the Twilight Saga. I know my views, opinions, and observations about these subjects aren’t really popular. Many feel I’m not the feminist I claim to be. Or the literary expert I’m ‘pretending’ to be. I get it. I have been challenging my own perceptions my whole life. I get positively giddy when people have new ideas that cause me to really examine what I’m thinking. So I’m not new to being disagreed with.

I’m also really out of practice when it comes to literary critiques, discussing social and cultural biases, and psychological influences. The nuance of what I’m trying to say is still rusty. I’m going to do a bunch of research and then reread the books while looking for what everyone is talking about. Plus read the ones I haven’t read yet. Or, I may just stick with the four and save the other books for later.

I’m confident that I am not the only one who actually understood these books and the story that was being told. So many have missed the mark and I’m hoping that by getting this out for myself, it may give validation to other readers who have endured criticism and insults by elitists who think they know what good literature is.

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