It’s Pretty Funny

After writing about finding my three tarot decks (and not working well with the Oracle deck I have), someone I work with brought in an Oracle deck with a note that said “Take Me”. I’m just realizing how very Alice in Wonderland that is.

I was instantly drawn to the deck, but tried to let them sit. I looked at them a little and couldn’t tell if they wanted to come home with me, so I went home without them. The next day I really couldn’t resist and did a three card draw of past, present, and future. The cards began to harmonize and that brief reading sealed the deal.

These are some of my favorites. I have shuffled through them a bit and found what the book said to be true. Instinct is all I need to read them. They have drawn me in. And then I started thinking about my other Oracle deck. They had always seemed rather instinctual as well, but I had never been able to trust myself before.

So I shuffled through them after pulling them from their safe spot. I did a three card reading: my current state, the conflict or difficulty, and the outcome or solution. Spot on. The harmony of Truth in the air.

Now I have three active tarot decks and two Oracle decks. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all these cards. It’s not like I really have an avenue for doing readings. I am still working on my giant map of comparing the six different tarot decks in this house, so…

At any rate I’m tickled to be able to work with all of them and explore this fascinating style of scrying. After over twenty years I’m entering a whole new level of it.

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