Mother’s Day

I always have a hard time with today. Over the years I have been trying to figure out why. It’s not because of my own mom. She is absolutely amazing, faults and all. I have almost always had a fantastic relationship with her- even in my tweens and teens. But something makes me uncomfortable.

Being in the food service industry for a good chunk of my working life I only said “happy Mother’s Day”, to people who were obviously a mother. Otherwise I hated to assume. As a mom, I appreciate hearing it from people making this assumption. So why can’t I do that for others?

There’s also the history of Mother’s Day. It started as a movement to promote peace and celebrate mothers’ sacrifices and efforts for their families. The American founder wound up protesting it due to the over commercialization of it. Maybe that’s where some of my discomfort comes from. The profiting and forced celebration of it.

Then there’s the complicated mother-child relationships that aren’t a happy thing for so many. My mother-in-law kind of weaponizes the holiday and takes the joy out of it all. It can be an emotional roller coaster for many and I can feel it.

Now I’m going to really get ugly, but I’m also unhappy with Mother’s Day including pet moms. Want to celebrate pet parents, make another day for it. Why do we have to constantly share the spotlight with others? I’m not sure why it bothers me so much. It’s kind of embarrassing. But really, it’s not the same and feels diminishing to motherhood. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive.

On the other side of that, I’m all for celebrating women who were like a mother to you. Motherhood isn’t always the result of giving birth. Family isn’t always blood. Please celebrate the women who made a difference in your life. That’s what this holiday is for.

So, happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate. Much healing to those who struggle with today. And here’s to finding peace through acknowledgment of our difficulties.

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