Budget Meals

Spaghetti is definitely one of my go-to meals in the colder months. Especially when we’re craving some comfort. Tonight seemed like a good night for that. January is always tough. I feel like it’s also the fastest month of the year. We’re almost through. Finances are tight. While better times should be ahead, now isContinue reading “Budget Meals”

Side Quest Arm Warmers

I grew up watching movies like Willow, Ladyhawke, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story… These movies are very magical pieces of both mine and my husband’s childhoods. Essential additions to our movie collection that we bolstered in our early years together. Willow is an especially dear one for us. In those pre-children years weContinue reading “Side Quest Arm Warmers”

Juggling Knitting

So many stitches!! This is the most frustrating part of raglan sweaters for me. I’m still adding stitches and shuffling them around and around the cable. Soon I’ll be able to set the sleeve stitches aside and just work the body, but until then I’m just pulling and pushing a lot of yarn. It’s comingContinue reading “Juggling Knitting”

It’s Not Just Making a Phone Call

On the surface it sounds simple enough. Just pick up the phone and do it. But it’s so much more complicated than that. First, I need a script. I have a tendency to freeze when I panic, or forget everything as soon as the other person says “hello”. So I will practice what I needContinue reading “It’s Not Just Making a Phone Call”

Still Early on the Journey

And this is why I don’t finish writing everything out before I start knitting. As I continued working on my second attempt stitches just weren’t lining up for the second sleeve or the other front panel. And I wasn’t liking the look of the thin line cables that frame the main diamond cables. They wereContinue reading “Still Early on the Journey”