That Was Anticlimactic

The sweater that sat half done for years is complete and I don’t really feel anything about it. I mean, I like it. I’m proud of it. But I just moved on to the next unfinished project. My daughter tried it on and her only request was to make the collar smaller. I said noContinue reading “That Was Anticlimactic”

If Only I Would Shop Online

When we first moved out to a more rural area, driving into town wasn’t such a big deal. It felt good to be in familiar places and shop at my usual stores. Well, gas prices went up and making the trip felt more and more laborious. I got more comfortable going to the local stores.Continue reading “If Only I Would Shop Online”

Finding Kindred Book Lovers

There was this wonderful woman I worked with briefly when I first started where I am now. We were having a conversation about books and how we almost never get good recommendations or find other people who read what we like to read. I just so happen to have read the first two books ofContinue reading “Finding Kindred Book Lovers”

Yes, I Bought More Books

Every couple of months I splurge and take the girls to Barnes & Noble. They love it and it’s something my mom used to do with my siblings and me when the store was beginning its nationwide boom. I have recently found myself craving real horror stories. I used to read a lot of scaryContinue reading “Yes, I Bought More Books”

That Work Sweater

My lost jacket still hasn’t returned, so this has become my permanent work jacket. Sometimes I’m delighted with how warm and cozy it is. Other times I wish it was a bit less warm. I think that’s just part of these hormonal changes. My body temperature never knows what’s comfortable. I’m really happy with theContinue reading “That Work Sweater”

Taking a Break to Solve a Different Problem

This black and mushroom sweater has got me really worked up. I know what I need to do to make the collar right, but I’m not ready yet. So, instead I’ve decided to work on something else that has been driving me crazy for a few years. I started this sweater so long ago IContinue reading “Taking a Break to Solve a Different Problem”