Taking a Break to Solve a Different Problem

This black and mushroom sweater has got me really worked up. I know what I need to do to make the collar right, but I’m not ready yet. So, instead I’ve decided to work on something else that has been driving me crazy for a few years. I started this sweater so long ago IContinue reading “Taking a Break to Solve a Different Problem”

High School Reunion

Scrolling through Facebook I came across a post from my high school class page. The plans for our 20 year reunion are in the works. I sent along my email address for more details as they are made. I’m surprisingly shocked. I went to a large school where most kids had known each other sinceContinue reading “High School Reunion”

Plans Change

Originally I wanted to use vanilla beans for my third little critter. I knew they were expensive, but I didn’t realize how expensive. If it was for food, I may have just bought them, but for a knit toy-nope. On to the next idea. So clementine peels and ginger root it is. I’m working withContinue reading “Plans Change”

That Was Fun

Knitting this up was a lot more relaxing than I expected. The pattern is very straightforward and easy to follow. For the moment, I’m changing my mind on knitting stuffed critters. My mom was thinking of getting potpourri sachets for the creatures my daughter makes. It gave me the idea to put broken up cinnamonContinue reading “That Was Fun”

Dusting Off That Old Story

At long last I’m finally trying to write this novel that’s been rattling around in my brain since high school. I turned it into a short story for a creative writing class, and have carried that version from place to place ever since. I stumbled across it a few months ago and now it’s almostContinue reading “Dusting Off That Old Story”