I Chose Knitting

It’s been a tough couple of months, and that’s saying something considering the kind of year we are all having. Things were getting better and life during Covid and under this administration were looking pretty manageable. Then my husband had a stroke at work and I watched him have a second one in the hospital.Continue reading “I Chose Knitting”

Packing and Unpacking

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about how to make a vacation as beneficial as possible. Working right up until we leave- bad idea. Going back to work almost as soon as we get back-bad idea. Expecting to come home and feel refreshed and energized- that’s really funny. When you travel as aContinue reading “Packing and Unpacking”

Reclaiming My Voice, with kids

Let’s talk about trying to write when you have kids and a husband. And there’s dinner… I get an idea, I ponder over it while busy with life, then I find a moment where everything is calm, sit down with my iPad, get a few lines in- a story just taking shape… No, you can’tContinue reading “Reclaiming My Voice, with kids”