Facing Yourself

When you are forced to take a good look at what you’ve been doing to yourself for years, it is anything but comfortable. Knowing I was doing my best helps a little. Realizing what that best was up against is validating and heart wrenching. I’ve always hated being treated as a damsel, unless I’ve decidedContinue reading “Facing Yourself”


I’m fine. My body and I have had an adventure of a journey together. I’m sad to say I have deliberately cut myself off from this organic machine at different points in my life. Understanding that I had to in order to survive doesn’t make this treacherous journey of reconnection any easier. I’m fine. We’veContinue reading “Thoughts”

Self-Image: Surprise Twist

Years ago I used to workout at a gym a few times a week. I kept this up for almost two years. I was almost to the point of considering getting into competitions when we decided to move again and a gym membership wasn’t an option anymore. (I did continue working out at home, though).Continue reading “Self-Image: Surprise Twist”

Knitting Away Anxiety

It began yesterday evening and has steadily climbed to a full anxiety attack that greeted me this morning. The best I can do is ride it out and keep myself as calm as possible. I rarely have panic attacks these days. As long as I’m handling life ok I don’t have them. Anxiety and anxietyContinue reading “Knitting Away Anxiety”

Yes, It Can Happen in Your 30’s

Peri menopause. Intense bloating. Frequent, dull headaches. Tender and sore breasts. Exhaustion. Unregulated body temperature changes. And the unfiltered rage. A friend of mine equated it to a ticking clock. You become more aware of your mortality on a biological level and simply don’t have time to pander to the unnecessary. Your body is adjustingContinue reading “Yes, It Can Happen in Your 30’s”

Seriously Anxiety!

I’ve taken a few more days off from working out than I had been planning. My mom’s visits usually do that. But now I’m suffering the consequences. Today’s anxiety is sort of like an unexplained dread. I’m starting a new adventure (I am taking on a second massage job) and the great unknown is unnerving.Continue reading “Seriously Anxiety!”

Trying Some Self Care… Again

Well, I’m at it once more. Trying to start a workout routine. I’ve been in too much pain and feeling really weak. My anxiety has been leaving me flat and tired way too often. It’s time to make a change. Again. So, I’m trying a new approach and maybe even a bit of my ownContinue reading “Trying Some Self Care… Again”