It’s Not Working

If my discarded blog posts could be made into a physical pile of crumpled pages, I’d be buried in them. I keep getting these great ideas, but they morph into slippery blobs when I try to type them up. I can’t seem to stay on point and the rambling is really annoying. If I can’tContinue reading “It’s Not Working”

Slow Beginnings

*Deep breath* I’m currently working on two large writing projects, while also having a plethora of ideas for other, smaller writing projects. I’m using notebooks and pens. Ideas come in short bursts. Which leaves time for other things. Like another project in a different area. Both novels have been with me since my youth. IContinue reading “Slow Beginnings”

Reclaiming My Voice, with kids

Let’s talk about trying to write when you have kids and a husband. And there’s dinner… I get an idea, I ponder over it while busy with life, then I find a moment where everything is calm, sit down with my iPad, get a few lines in- a story just taking shape… No, you can’tContinue reading “Reclaiming My Voice, with kids”