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Found the Library!

We don’t spend as much time reading as I would like, but we are a family of readers. I have been meaning to check out the library in town since we moved in in May, but life… Finally we made it over after school a couple weeks ago and the kids were thrilled. It’s veryContinue reading “Found the Library!”

Fall Treats

This really simple apple crumble was a hit. Diced apples baked with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and a dash of salt. Then I topped it with granola and whipped cream. Definitely need to make sure to cut up enough apples next time. Another night, I decided to try again and got the apples going whileContinue reading “Fall Treats”

Comforting Grilled Cheese

One of my favorite Fall and Winter meals is grilled cheese and tomato soup. I actually checked out a cook book from the library solely about grilled cheese and it was amazing, but I still like to keep it pretty simple. Another sheet pan meal in this house. I baked all the bacon first andContinue reading “Comforting Grilled Cheese”

Autumn and Harry Potter

One of my husband’s favorite things to do as Autumn really starts to set in is watch all the Harry Potter movies. We have been making our way through them with the girls the past two weeks. Since we have given our kids such an early bedtime (because it takes them forever to settle forContinue reading “Autumn and Harry Potter”


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