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Knitting Away Anxiety

Today was spent choking on my anxiety. There were things I wanted to do. Projects I wanted to make progress on. A lawn that needs mowed. A house that needs cleaned. I tried to just rest and not let all my to-do’s swallow me, but I wasn’t very successful. I played Sims on my phone,Continue reading “Knitting Away Anxiety”

Motivated to Cook!

These are the two latest magazines in my recipe collection. They are chalk full of amazing ideas and I’ve made a couple meals so far, even if they become something fairly different in my kitchen. Tonight we’re having cheese topped black bean burgers with sweet potatoes and rice with veggies. It feels really good toContinue reading “Motivated to Cook!”

Waffle Iron Inspiration

When it comes to cooking at home, I have been really uninspired for a while. Meal planning has not been successful. Grocery shopping has been off the chore list. Our diet has been crap. So I bought some recipe magazines filled with things I’ll actually make. My mom visited and is great at setting theContinue reading “Waffle Iron Inspiration”

Starting Over

This turned out to be the rough draft. It’s going to be a nice, loose fitting, sort of T-shirt style Spring sweater. I’m having a lot of fun with the stitches and figuring it out as I go. These are stitches I’ve never done before. Mesh and dropstitch, but they’re not completely foreign concepts. TheContinue reading “Starting Over”

Spring Break

The kids are off of school for a week and I am off of work, as well. With the way life has been, we’re taking this time to sit back and do nothing. I was hoping for lots of hikes and bike rides, but the temperature dropped (yet again), with gusting rain, so indoors weContinue reading “Spring Break”

One For My Oldest

As I’m knitting myself a new slouch hat, I’m mapping out a sweater for my oldest. It’s going to be the same as my freshly finished plum one, but with cables she chose, and slightly smaller. At eleven, she’s almost as tall as me and likes things baggy/loose, so I’m sure this will fit her.Continue reading “One For My Oldest”

Plum Sweater Done!

It’s done! Almost a year in the making. It’s so cozy and I’m so glad I added pockets! The right pocket is a bit wonky. The left came out pretty good. I’ll make sure to use the after-thought pocket method next time. No sewing! I used small buttons for the collar so I can keepContinue reading “Plum Sweater Done!”

Enjoying the Rain

We have had yet another set back. My husband got the news he was being laid off with less than a dozen others this week. This is the second time in two years he’s been laid off because he was the last hired when the chops came. He’s got a back-up job, but it’s justContinue reading “Enjoying the Rain”

Sweater Pockets

This is it. The last stretch of this epic adventure and I’m terrified. Sewing is not one of my skills. I’m capable enough, but am severely lacking in practice. I want to get this right. This sweater and I have been through a lot together. Buying a house. Moving. Kidney stones. Hectic life. No moreContinue reading “Sweater Pockets”


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