The Accidental Domestic Goddess

My New Car!

I almost can’t believe she’s mine. Backup camera, button start, extendable visors! I love the two tone interior, too. It feels like we’ve known each other forever. Old friends getting reacquainted. Yes, it gets personal with my vehicle. We’re a team on the road. Did I mention I have a radio too, with speakers thatContinue reading “My New Car!”

The Mess of Moving

This corner has been seeing a rotating variation of boxes and totes as I fill them up and then transfer them over to the new house. This particular stack has most of our holiday decorations. That’s one more closet empty. As areas of the apartment become emptied of their important items, what remains are theContinue reading “The Mess of Moving”

House Painting

Big news. The thing that has been keeping me from staying on task with this blog is a house. We bought a house! It’s still pretty hard to believe. We did a little painting already, but are moving in slowly. The girls are almost done with school and we live a couple blocks from whereContinue reading “House Painting”

Getting a Massage

It has been way too long since my last massage. I am not always this terrible about getting body work done, but our schedules at work are always full and it’s just been too difficult to schedule anything for ourselves. The studio owner noticed this and set up a couple days for a therapist toContinue reading “Getting a Massage”

The Lake is Back!

Whipple Dam is a favorite hike of ours and we have not been able to go there for quite some time now. They have been putting bridges and ramps along the trail for a few years and then they set to draining and dragging the lake last year. We were able to hike a fewContinue reading “The Lake is Back!”

It’s Been a Day

I had a plan. A loose plan, because I know how things play out in my life, but I had a plan that included resting. Doing just about anything these days takes more energy than I’m used to and my recharge time is really important. Things were going well. I dropped the kids off atContinue reading “It’s Been a Day”

Knit First Drafts

Here are the first rough drafts for my Artemis Spring/Summer designs. Each of them need adjustments and some redesigns, but I just need something done that I can look at and see where I need to tweak things or completely change them. The Stag always seems to be the easiest. I like to keep itContinue reading “Knit First Drafts”

The Things We Collect

So, that may or may not be related to the book, ‘The Things We Carried’. I read it in high school or college. I don’t remember which. I can’t even tell you if I finished the book at all. That is not a criticism of the book either. That is a statement about my lifeContinue reading “The Things We Collect”


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