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Rest is Important Too

Some days you just have to take it easy. The last two days have been those sort of days. I have gotten a few things done around the house. The girls and I have actually packed their lunches the night before two nights now and have had their clothes ready for in the morning. InContinue reading “Rest is Important Too”

Seasonal Wall Decor

It happened again. I can’t find the crochet decorations for the main wall in our living room. A winter or two ago, I couldn’t find the Solstice/Christmas crochet snowflakes. I worked up a batch of new ones, which actually made me really happy. When I found the old ones, I just found new places toContinue reading “Seasonal Wall Decor”

Anxiety is Fun

I had a small twinge of it when I woke up this morning. That’s not all that unusual and my morning rituals typically take it down a few notches. It gnawed at me while I drove to work. Today’s version was wondering what I was forgetting to be anxious about. I paid rent, so that’sContinue reading “Anxiety is Fun”

Hooking Again!

I have been having fun with these granny squares and since I don’t enjoy changing yarns frequently, I have started making the squares in stages. I make about four centers, then I move up two steps and make a few dc rounds. Then back down for a few chain six rounds. Then a couple ofContinue reading “Hooking Again!”

Too Much Knitting

I’ve done it again. I’ve knit too much. There are a few other factors causing my right hand and forearm to be stiff and unhappy, but knitting as much as I have been has really set it off. I was so lost last night. I had no idea what to do with myself if IContinue reading “Too Much Knitting”

Our New Normal

The last few weeks have been rather crazy. I thought we had enough on our plate with planning for this new back to school and trying to get normal life (whatever that is) under control, but life decided that just wasn’t enough chaos. It started out as a really nice day. I got done withContinue reading “Our New Normal”

Turning Thirty-five

35. That’s how old I am now. I like the way that sounds. 35. It feels like such an important number. I’ve been pretty excited for this birthday. Not as excited as I was for my 30th, but a quiet, subdued, excited. I also gave birth to my third and final baby four days afterContinue reading “Turning Thirty-five”

Back to Cooking

It’s been nice feeling inspired to cook again and get creative with our food. I’ve even started doing a little bit of yoga again. Food and fitness go hand in hand for me. If my food is not on track, I can’t get my exercise done. It helps when I find produce that inspires me.Continue reading “Back to Cooking”

Packing and Unpacking

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about how to make a vacation as beneficial as possible. Working right up until we leave- bad idea. Going back to work almost as soon as we get back-bad idea. Expecting to come home and feel refreshed and energized- that’s really funny. When you travel as aContinue reading “Packing and Unpacking”


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