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Wonder Woman Wrap

This wrap has delighted me the whole way through. As I said before, I have always loved Wonder Woman. Her strength and conviction in the power of love, truth, and justice has kept me going in some of my harder times. Especially when there were/are those who would rather I conform to the narrative thatContinue reading “Wonder Woman Wrap”

A Little Impressed

I am actually pretty impressed with how much we accomplished around the house yesterday. Especially considering I didn’t wake up at all until eleven o’clock! Once I got out of bed, it did not take long for me to get motivated. My oldest has gotten really helpful with chores and took care of quite aContinue reading “A Little Impressed”

The Magic of Sunshine

Finally found the motivation to have the epic battle of getting the kids out of the house for a hike. A few of our favorite places are currently under construction and so our choices are a bit limited, but Coyler Lake is always a nice spot. It’s a bit hard to believe our youngest willContinue reading “The Magic of Sunshine”

Next Up

Just as I predicted. The wrap was not meant for me, but for my bright and moody middle child. She had her eye on it for a while and made sure I knew it. I am happy she enjoys it. It was fun to knit up and I’m bursting with shawl and wrap ideas fromContinue reading “Next Up”

Read This Next!

I have always been a bit of an optimist. Some people might disagree with me on that and I’ll admit there were times when I doubted my optimism. But life has done its best to show me the truth in humanity. People are, in fact, innately good. Over the years I’ve been given examples orContinue reading “Read This Next!”

Sewing Distractions

It seems I’ve been rekindling old skills from my youth. The ones I fell in love with and just made sense to me, but never lasted through the jumble of life. One of those is counted cross-stitch. I bought a unicorn pattern for my girls, only to find that it was blank, so now I’mContinue reading “Sewing Distractions”


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