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Post Vacation Fatigue

It’s crazy how tired I am. Four whole days away in a rustic cabin in the mountains, in the woods, filled with rest and relaxation, and I’m so very tired. A few years ago I learned about this. I tried going straight back to work right after a week long camping trip (I always likeContinue reading “Post Vacation Fatigue”

Restful Cabin Shawl

I have been getting more done than I thought I would this early in the trip. By the time this vacation rolled around I was in desperate need of a real break. Life just keeps getting harder. I honestly am grateful for many things, but I’m tired. I wanted to make knitting as easy asContinue reading “Restful Cabin Shawl”

Vacation Shawl

It’s finally that time of year again. We’re going to be setting off on our family vacation with some of my family and I just realized I have no knitting projects planned. I have started making it a tradition to make (or start) a shawl on our trip. I have had these cakes waiting forContinue reading “Vacation Shawl”

Knitting Sleeves

As I neared the end of the body section of this sweater, I decided to add an alternating knot pattern to the sleeves. After all the repetition on the body pattern, I wanted to keep things interesting. I was really in the groove when I finished the hem, so I put the first sleeve stitchesContinue reading “Knitting Sleeves”

Dinner Now, Dinner Later

Once again, I’m getting back on track. Every time I do, it starts with food. I had a couple ideas for meals and set off for the grocery store with my youngest. We have been eating abysmally lately and it shows. Digestive issues, sluggishness, and awful moods with tempers flying. Tonight I made rice withContinue reading “Dinner Now, Dinner Later”

Yes, It Can Happen in Your 30’s

Peri menopause. Intense bloating. Frequent, dull headaches. Tender and sore breasts. Exhaustion. Unregulated body temperature changes. And the unfiltered rage. A friend of mine equated it to a ticking clock. You become more aware of your mortality on a biological level and simply don’t have time to pander to the unnecessary. Your body is adjustingContinue reading “Yes, It Can Happen in Your 30’s”

Progress on Some Sweaters

I’m making some real progress on my oldest’s sweater. With no other projects in the works I’ve been able to really focus on this piece. It’s a fun pattern and I’m happy with how it’s turning out. But the inevitable happened and boredom has crept in. My determination to finish this soon is still there.Continue reading “Progress on Some Sweaters”

Thoughts On Gender

This is my lap at the moment. Something that usually brings me a calming joy. It’s been rough lately. I’ve finished some knitting side quests and am trying to focus on my daughter’s sweater now. I was reading a comforting murder mystery, but my mood has shifted with the world’s turmoil and I’m back toContinue reading “Thoughts On Gender”


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