The Accidental Domestic Goddess

What’s For Dinner?

Ah, breakfast. It’s my favorite meal any time of day. Naturally, scrambled eggs are one of my go to’s, but I do enjoy pancakes. I just hate cooking them one at a time, or a couple of small ones a batch. Then keeping them warm in the oven, while starting the next round. So IContinue reading “What’s For Dinner?”


When I was a kid we almost always had a puzzle set up somewhere for us all to work on. Some puzzles would take weeks or months for us to finish. One year, when my parents were still together, they gave me a box set of Thomas Kincaid jigsaw puzzles. I was pretty excited andContinue reading “Puzzles”

Shopping without Panicking

The idea of listening to music while shopping is interesting to me. Music is often helpful in balancing my mood, but I apparently have sensory overload issues, which when I think about it, has been pretty obvious for most of my life. Part of my issue is that I can’t exist outside of my surroundings.Continue reading “Shopping without Panicking”

Testing the Waters

One of the reasons I’ve been choosing knitting over chores or keeping up with my blog is that I finally took a small step into selling some of my knit ware. During the beginning of reopening at the massage studio I work at, I came up with a few ideas for hats. The studio isContinue reading “Testing the Waters”

I Chose Knitting

It’s been a tough couple of months, and that’s saying something considering the kind of year we are all having. Things were getting better and life during Covid and under this administration were looking pretty manageable. Then my husband had a stroke at work and I watched him have a second one in the hospital.Continue reading “I Chose Knitting”

Fall Wall Decor

I finished them! I actually spent the entire day that I started working on them to finish them. I get a bit single minded when I start these kinds of projects. They are all patterns I have found for free online. The purple/red ones are from memory. I’ve made a lot of leaves over theContinue reading “Fall Wall Decor”

More Kitchen Witchery

I’ve been in need of an apron and what better time to get one than the season that brings out the Kitchen Witch in me. Of course I had to get oven mitts to match. Belle really is turning into quite the little helper. She was great at making the salad with me. I heatedContinue reading “More Kitchen Witchery”


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