Three Wee Sweaters

This sweater has been a bit of a different experience for me. I like to let my daughters pick the colors for what I make them and did the same with these sweaters. I love the pattern so much, I wanted to make them each one.

Now my kids are like most and are each unique and quite individual. They also like having similar clothes to match with each other. I thought it would be fun to alter each sweater just a bit. My middle daughter’s was easy. Two pinks, two purples, and stripes. While I really don’t enjoy stripes, it was pretty straight forward design. Picking the buttons was a bit difficult, but really these were the only ones that made sense.

Then my youngest picked her colors and they lent themselves to a different design. She is quite taken with Frozen and I found a stitch pattern to add into the middle. I did second guess myself a bit and used a life-line for the first time, just in case I hated the look of it. Turns out, I really liked it. The button choice on this one was actually easy. I had set most of these buttons to the side for a previous idea; I guess they were actually meant for this one. Adding the seed stitch as the hem really pulled it all together for me.

Now I’m making my way through my oldest’s version. Again, she chose the colors, only this time, I’ve been consulting her on the pattern a bit. At first she had this golden yellow color and I just could not imagine it looking right against her pale skin. Then she said no, she wanted this pale yellow, which totally made sense. I had already decided to do a rib style collar this time, instead of the seed stitch like the other two.

I stuck to straight stockinette stitch for the yoke and then thought to do the yellow as a ribbed stripe through the middle. As I worked on it, I just could not get on board, but I knew I was close to something. I found a cable pattern with the purls in and stretched it out. Then I thought the red would be nice in just plain ribbing, but now I’m continuing the cable design. I rather like the way it’s going. This sweater keeps surprising me. Then I thought to make the sleeves just black, but my daughter insists on them matching the body, so that is what I will do. At least it’s been a fun knit.

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