Wonder Woman Wrap

This wrap has delighted me the whole way through. As I said before, I have always loved Wonder Woman. Her strength and conviction in the power of love, truth, and justice has kept me going in some of my harder times. Especially when there were/are those who would rather I conform to the narrative that people are inherently bad and should not be trusted. I have always found the opposite.

I also appreciate her femininity. Growing up in a time when you had to be the same as, or better than, the boys to get ahead, she proved being a feminine woman was a fierce thing to do. She was always true to herself and what she stood for. It gave me courage to be myself at different points in my life.

This wrap has also given me the opportunity to bond with my father. I don’t often make sense to him, try as he might to figure me out. We have had our difficulties, which I have been able to make peace with now that I am an adult with my own kids. Talking to him about my art and seeing the artist in him come out is really quite wonderful. Letting him know that he did, in fact, pass down a lot of his more lovable characteristics helps us both. (Basically, he’s the one that told me it should be blue at the bottom and red at the top. And he was absolutely right.)

Short rows are something I can do now. It’s always fun to learn a new knitting skill. Especially when it just clicks. I admit I watched a YouTube video. It’s rare that I can’t figure it out from pictures, so I am grateful to have those videos. I mean, I’m the only knitter I know.

It all felt so right in my hands. Making this wrap brought me so much joy. The child in me was tickled to be making something representing a character and a belief that I have had since I can remember. The nerd/geek in me began reading more comic history and Greek mythology while creating wearable fan gear. The knitter in me loved combining passions and creating something just for me. The woman in me loved thinking about all that she represents and what kind of a woman I really am.

Had to take a picture outside because no matter what I do, my house is just too dark.

And then I finished it. I couldn’t be happier. I thought my bind-off was too tight, but it actually helps the wrap stay in place. Which is good because this is definitely going to be getting some use!

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