Meal Planning Makes Cooking Possible

We still have a lot of setting up to do in the kitchen and some key furniture pieces to get to really have a functioning space. There just isn’t really anywhere to keep our dry foods and flatware and cups in the actual kitchen. We knew it was small, and I’m really enjoying a smaller space (easier cleanup), but my five extra shelves aren’t enough for everything and we really need a movable island for a work area.

Even with all that, I’ve been cooking again and trying to get back into meal planning. It has always helped keep food cost and waste down, but I have so much less stress trying to figure out what to make. I don’t designate meals to specific nights because who knows what the week will bring. I decide the night before or the morning of what I’ll make for dinner so I have enough time for any prep, or grabbing anything I forgot to get.

The picture is from the second night of the meal plan. I had to go to a different store to pick up the pulled BBQ chicken which I added BBQ sauce to. The avocado was perfect, and the kids were really excited for the melon salad. Especially the watermelon. We had turkey burgers and mashed sweet potatoes the other night. I managed to make chocolate chip strawberry waffles before leaving for work one morning. However, we couldn’t find the syrup. My daughters ate them anyway. Our oldest loves cooking scrambled eggs, so she will make that for them in the morning too.

Tonight, I’m planning on meatball kabobs with broccoli, peppers, and potatoes. I did buy frozen meatballs. I am going to be baking them all in the oven, and I’m not sure they’ll even make it onto the sticks, but kabobs we will be having.

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