Some Simple Meals

The only way I can make our chicken last is for me to cook it all at once. I’ve been throwing breasts into the slow cooker with water and lots of seasoning and then adding it to whatever I’m making.

One night was chicken stir fry with brown rice, frozen vegetables, and teriyaki sauce. It made for some good lunch leftovers for work.

This meal looks way uglier than it tasted. I didn’t follow the original recipe. I was tired and just put stuff together in the oven that seemed to make sense. This is carrots and apples cooked with oil, water, sugar, and molasses. I just added chicken from the crockpot to it. Everybody was pretty happy with it.

This meal was the first time I used our air fryer. I wanted to make these biscuits and the cooking temperatures for them and the frozen fries were so different I thought it was a good time to learn how to use it. I had to ask my husband for help and managed just fine when I learned which button to push to start it.

We had open faced turkey sandwiches on biscuits with honey mustard and cheddar cheese. Fries on the side with more honey mustard for dipping. Fairly simple meals that have left us feeling pretty satisfied.

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