More Sweaters

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate seams. With a passion. I find a beautiful pattern, get excited, then I see those dreaded shapes, and I walk away. I’m so glad I discovered top-down sweaters, otherwise I may have never made one. Now I can’t seem to be stopped. First one for myself, then one for my mother (I’m still working on it), and now one for my youngest.

About a day’s worth of work.

She’s really stuck on Frozen and now especially Frozen II. Her favorite colors are blue and purple because of it and so everything has to be blue and purple. I’ve got a bunch of solo skeins and a pattern I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. It’s from ‘Love of Knitting’ Spring 2017 issue called Spring Day Raglan. And guess what? It’s top-down! Yay!

I happen to have a blue and a purple of the same type of acrylic. Thankfully, my daughter is still small and it is working up quickly. It’s great when I just need to make progress on something and the endless rounds of stockinette stitch are driving me crazy on the adult sweater. That reality warp happens and the the closer to the end of those rounds I get, the farther from done I feel. So, kid’s sweater.

One sleeve and a few fixings to do yet.

I’m looking forward to repeating this pattern for my other two. Also to redeem myself. The pattern is simple enough. I just couldn’t concentrate. I had no idea if I had written down the tally for my row or if I was on the increase round. It’s hard to notice the mistakes and I actually don’t mind them. I’ll probably write it out by hand to space it out better for the next attempt.Happy knitting!

Using the needle from another WIP to bind-off a bit more loosely.

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