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Just as I predicted. The wrap was not meant for me, but for my bright and moody middle child. She had her eye on it for a while and made sure I knew it. I am happy she enjoys it. It was fun to knit up and I’m bursting with shawl and wrap ideas from the experience. Besides, she always loves a good photo shoot.

I am really thrilled to be starting on my Wonder Woman wrap ( I even bought a new comic volume and came across a Wonder Woman cooperative game that I’m trying to convince my daughters to give a second chance. The practice round had them writhing with boredom and they actually ran up to bed without being told twice! I’m sure I can get them to give it another go. Maybe a few alterations will help.

It’s funny to think I was going to do a different color scheme for Wonder Woman, but when I was showing the pictures to my father, he had me go back to one that I flew past looking for the one that I wanted to show him. As soon as he had me stop on that one, I said never mind. I’m doing that color scheme and he said it was the only one that was actually Wonder Woman. So now I’m doing blue on the bottom. The W’s are still yellow, and then the top will be red. Way to go dad!

I love talking about my knitting with my dad. I try not to talk his ear off about it, but I see him remembering his mother when I go on about color choice and skeins, and making yarn balls. I can see the little boy sitting by his mother holding her yarn for her, or wrapping it up while she worked on a sweater. They are some of his happier memories and it brings me some peace with her spirit. I feel a little more connected to my roots sharing my art and passion with my dad. Such a quiet man, but his eyes say it all.

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