Maybe a Shawl Can Tell a Story

My kids are getting really excited. This quarantine has not been easy and seeing Oma on the phone is not the same as seeing her in person every month. (I am so grateful she was able to be here right before shutdowns began.) We have remained pretty isolated throughout this whole experience and the girls are really getting restless. The excitement is because we have a camping trip coming up. Next week.

We usually go to a camp that has cabins, organized activities, and a dinning hall. It’s also a mini family reunion for my side. But since that is not happening this year, my mom and step-dad came up with camping where they can bring their trailer, my sister and her husband will rent a trailer, and we could use a tent. This way we will all still be together this year. I have never slept in a tent before. Neither have my daughters. My husband, the country boy, has. My step-dad has a few rustic conveniences included with the gift of the tent and I am definitely excited as well.

Maybe a shawl for my sister.

As we are planning this trip, it occurred to me that I need to sort out some knitting projects. It won’t be a long drive, and a I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll get to do while there, but I’d like to be prepared. I’m also going to pack my needlepoint and some supplies for the kids. My mom always comes stocked with crafts and projects for them when we all need some quiet time, so I won’t need much.

Recently, a friend gave me some vibrant and beautiful yarn before heading across a few states for a move that had been in the works for a while. I did not know her long, but she is one of those people where we felt like we had known each other forever already. As soon as I saw the yarn a shawl began to take shape in my mind. For her.

As I searched for patterns and stitches, I imagined telling her a story. Showing her the beautiful pieces of her life- each amazing chapter- and some of the wisdom gained along the way. As I began working on that, I got to thinking about how all the different designs could be used to tell a story. Might have helped that I had been looking at the Road Trip Shawl on Ravelry.

Possibly my camping shawl.

With that in mind, I’m thinking of using some of the yarn I recently bought myself and picking stitches as I go, using the asymmetrical design. Each section will reflect a part of our vacation in the woods. I’m pretty excited about it. Now I get to go play with my yarn to figure out what to bring!

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