First Night of Camping

We made it. I have officially spent a night in a tent. And it was without my husband or my youngest. Which wound up being for the best. The girls’ air mattress deflated in the night so my other two crawled in with me.

We had the usual mad rush to try to and get the house in shape before we left. It was a short drive to the middle of the woods and the beginning of our vacation. We were all a bit grumpy. We were all excited and we were all eager to set things up.

Before it got too dark, my step-dad showed me how to set-up the tent he gave us. I have never set-up a tent before. I tell him as much as I can how much I appreciate him showing/teaching me by letting me do most of the work. We had to get a few extra spikes from his other kit and my husband finished putting the last steaks in and evening some of the tent out. He’s pretty handy.

One of the things I love so much about my husband is that he too treats me like a capable adult. I so often have been told I can’t do things, or others have just taken the lead, but not with my husband. He just expects me to be able to take care of these things because he knows I can and how much I love doing them. Like sleeping in a tent with my kids without him. And tending the dying fire until it was out.

Our youngest just wouldn’t settle last night and my husband was getting anxious for an interview that he had the next day. (He got laid off recently because of Covid). So he took her home with him for a good night’s sleep. We’re also a little nervous with our youngest because she is wild and will do dangerous things just to see what will happen. With it being just me and our older two, we were able to get some sleep.

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