Second Night of Camping

Tonight was a bit different. Our oldest spent the night with her Oma (who has been taking all the necessary precautions to be able to do this trip, just like we have been doing). Our youngest went home with daddy again. It seems to be the best way to make this work so far. So my middle one and I hung out by the fire together and then went to bed. It was a really good nights sleep.

Our day started slowly. My sister and her husband are always up early and do their thing for a few hours. I like to get up and enjoy some alone time before everyone else starts to wake. Then my mom texts me when the coffee is done and I wake my sleepy head to join me for breakfast at Oma and grandpa’s trailer. A nice slow morning. My favorite.

Then we start getting ready for the beach. Load up, and enjoy a couple hours there. As it starts to get busy, we leave. Have lunch at camp. Relax. My mom pulls out the activities and they just figure out ways to keep themselves busy. I knit. I‘m doing less and yet more of that than I thought I would be able to. My husband and I got some alone time going to the store to shop for dinner. The fire was going by the time we got back and my husband cooked the burgers. They were amazing!

After dinner we went for a hike down to the lake. It was a fun adventure. Our middle one fussed the whole way, but she had fun down at the water. I really enjoyed the view.

Of course we had s’mores and relaxed for a bit before we all settled in for the night. My oldest went with her grandparents while my husband got a fire going for me and our middle one before he headed home with our youngest. I listened to my daughter read to me by the fire while I knit until she began to fall asleep. It was a wonderful day in the woods.

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