Testing the Waters

One of the reasons I’ve been choosing knitting over chores or keeping up with my blog is that I finally took a small step into selling some of my knit ware. During the beginning of reopening at the massage studio I work at, I came up with a few ideas for hats. The studio is named Artemis for the Greek goddess and I have been really inspired by her.

I began to design a female archer much like the figures and images in the studio. She took a lot of revisions and several attempts at knitting. I have kept the first two hats. After that, I had it figured out. Then I mapped out a large bow and arrow. That was pretty straightforward and only took me a little reworking to get it right. There were no trial hats for this pattern.

Then I began trying to figure out the right design for a stag. My first couple of attempts were a bit cartoony and just didn’t feel right. So I changed the angle and it all came together.

I was designing these hats when my husband was not working due to the stroke. When I’m sketching designs on graph paper, he really has a knack for seeing what I can’t. So I was sitting with him, trying to get my archer right and struggling with how her legs should be shaped so she looked like she was wearing a dress type garment, and how her hair should be shaped so it was clearly a ponytail, when he started sketching something out on the paper.

He just got rid of her lower half, eliminating my leg problem, and altered the bow so that she was shooting at an upward angle. It was brilliant! And there I had four designs. I figured two would be brown and two would be green. The studio is done in mostly green and brown. The owner also has a plastic stag bust hanging in the waiting area that’s white. For some reason I kept wanting to use red or some other dark colors for the figure on the hats, but finally went with the white everyone kept telling me to use. Between that bust and a white, crescent moon being this goddess’s symbol, it made sense.

I’m pretty jazzed (yes, jazzed) that the owner likes them enough to sell them. It’s the only thing I’m selling right now and what is at the studio is what there is. I bring more in as I make them and as people buy them. I’m trying to get ahead a bit here, so I can work on some Christmas/holiday presents, while not allowing myself to begin hating the hats. I figure I’ll try two more designs for the hats, using the current brims and figures, but adding some cabling for a bit more warmth. I also have ideas for fingerless mitts and scarves, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.

I’m also really excited that people like them. I have sold a few so far and it feels pretty good taking baby steps into doing more with my knitting. With all the crazy this year has brought, it has also brought some nice clarity and drive to achieve those silent goals that have been waiting for their moment.

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