Throwing and Picking

This is me getting the hang of Continental knitting. I have struggled with remembering which is which and all that, and even double checked before typing this, because I still don’t trust myself. See, I’m a thrower (English style). It’s the way I learned and I use to curl my right index finger around the yarn. I still do sometimes depending on the stitches or my mood. I can usually get more tension that way.

During lockdown last year, I trained myself to be able to extend my index finger and relax my fingers a bit. This is how I typically knit now and it has become really comfortable for me. The funny thing about how I do Continental knitting is I feel more like I’m simply throwing with my left finger and not really ‘picking’ up the yarn. Whatever works, right?

Since this sweater is mostly knit stitch, it made it easy to practice a new technique. It also took me a bit to figure out the best way to do the ssk on the purl side. Pretty sure it was ssp without a twist. Hopefully I wrote it down on my pattern notes. So here’s to learning something new and making it my own. Another beautiful aspect of knitting.

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