The Last of Three Shawls

This was my first time wet blocking. I had a lot of fun with it. I still only have enough pins and pads to block a section at a time, so I started with the smallest bit and then soaked the next section as the first finished drying. Then soaked the last section as the middle finished drying. It all took about three days. I want to get a hairdryer to speed the whole thing up, because sheesh!

I’m really excited to have all three shawls done. And to have finally tackled wet blocking. It was fun stepping on the towel and squeezing all the water out. I liked being able to really tug at the whole thing, unlike steam blocking where you work a section at a time with an iron. Although, I have fun with that, too.

The third and final shawl.
My shawl and the second one done.
My sister’s shawl and the first one finished.

So, now they will sit for a few more weeks. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, but will find time to write up the accompanying story for each. Maybe not for mine, but I’ll keep copies of the other stories instead. Happy blocking!

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