Juggling Knitting

So many stitches!! This is the most frustrating part of raglan sweaters for me. I’m still adding stitches and shuffling them around and around the cable. Soon I’ll be able to set the sleeve stitches aside and just work the body, but until then I’m just pulling and pushing a lot of yarn.

It’s coming along though. I’ve spotted a mistake or two, but no one else will notice and they’re marks of an original, so they will stay. I’m hoping my sister will like it. I think she will.

Working on my sister’s cardigan means I have less time for my sweater, which I started a couple months ago. I think. It keeps getting put on the back burner for other projects. I did make a few things for my family for Christmas.

I made four of these and they always take longer than I anticipate.

So I was busy. Then I found a beautiful purple yarn while buying yarn for my sister’s sweater and couldn’t resist making myself something. I needed a hat that I’ll actually wear. And new fingerless mitts. I made one hat, but it was too small for my liking, so I made another, tweaking my design. I don’t take it off often. My middle one claimed the first one. Then I made mitts to match and they’re perfect.

While we were watching the new Willow, I remembered someone asking about making the hooded scarf shawl that Elora wears and my plans to make one myself. She also wears long arm warmers (not knit) and I decided to use the stitch pattern I used on my fingerless mitts for long arm warmers to go with the hooded scarf shawl.

This all means I’m currently working on two sweaters and arm warmers. I would be working on the scarf shawl, but both sweaters are using the needles I need for the yarn I bought. So, I have to finish one of them before I can get started. Which means I’m sticking with three projects. And lots of stretching!

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