Side Quest Arm Warmers

I grew up watching movies like Willow, Ladyhawke, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story… These movies are very magical pieces of both mine and my husband’s childhoods. Essential additions to our movie collection that we bolstered in our early years together. Willow is an especially dear one for us.

In those pre-children years we often stopped at different stores on our dates to buy movies. If we lived close enough to a video rental store, we would occasionally rent a few. It’s how we spent our off time together because we both worked a lot. When I became pregnant with our first child, we seemed to pick a lot of our childhood favorites.

When trying to decide on a name, we were watching Willow and really loved the name Elora. We decided to spell it with an A, giving her a bit of separation from our inspiration. And this, of course, meant our children have seen Willow many, many times; including behind the scenes and other extras.

I was very excited to hear about the tv show, but also nervous. I did not rewatch the movie beforehand and just went for it. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. It’s a sequel where the next generation is learning to take on the mantle as the previous one learns how to pass on what they can. I thought it was a great passing of the torch story with all kinds of references to the film. It’s not a remake. It’s the next adventure.

These warmers are inspired by the ones Elora wears when they begin their quest. As I was planning out the hooded wrap shawl she wears, yarn that I had purchased for fun seemed perfect for knitting something like her sewn ones. Broken rib stitch creates a nice hug while still stretching for movement. Plus, the inner texture is really soft.

They are snug at the wrist which helps the elbow portion stay in place. I have really thin wrists with a decent bicep and this is why I love knitting for myself. I can create the fit I want. Now my kids are asking for their own. High praise that makes me want to do it for them.

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