Romance Novels

When I think of romance novels, I imagine Fabio. (Anybody remember Fabio?) Long, blond hair, chisel chin, beefy muscles, and white shirts with lace at the cuffs. I picture damsels in distress and euphemisms galore. I cringe just thinking about it. It’s a very popular genre and I’m happy people have their joys, but yuck.Continue reading “Romance Novels”

I Don’t Have a Problem

Buying more books while I’m in the middle of five others simply because I found myself with some time to kill this morning isn’t a sign of a problem, right? A teen horror and a fairy tale reimagined. It’s not like these are my two favorite things or anything. Plus, I’m a sucker for theContinue reading “I Don’t Have a Problem”

Rabbit Holes

Man have I done it to myself. This passion project about Twilight (which is really a bigger passion project about sexism in literature) has taken me down a lot of paths. I knew this would happen. Sigh. I’m only slightly surprised that it’s overlapping with my Beauty and the Beast project. The similarities between theContinue reading “Rabbit Holes”

I’ve Opened the Can

Can of worms, that is. I occasionally delve into comment sections on Facebook just to see what people are saying. Mostly it’s a lot of unrecognized need to be heard and validated. Most of my comment diving is in groups I belong to. Those tend to be more productive conversations and people getting the validationContinue reading “I’ve Opened the Can”

I Wrote a Facebook Post

I did it. I wrote a post in a writing group. I tend to avoid engaging in conversations on Facebook outside of friendly ones with people I’m actually friends with. It’s opening a can of worms and there’s a reason I dropped out of debate club in high school. I can totally appreciate people havingContinue reading “I Wrote a Facebook Post”

Slow Beginnings

*Deep breath* I’m currently working on two large writing projects, while also having a plethora of ideas for other, smaller writing projects. I’m using notebooks and pens. Ideas come in short bursts. Which leaves time for other things. Like another project in a different area. Both novels have been with me since my youth. IContinue reading “Slow Beginnings”

The Books We Keep: Childhood Favorites

No matter how many times I’ve moved I have always made sure to hang onto my books. I have picture books that hold more stories than the pages contain. The American Girl Felicity collection that I’ve treasured since the day I got each of them. Early reading chapter books. My mother’s Nancy Drew hardcovers. IContinue reading “The Books We Keep: Childhood Favorites”

Finding Kindred Book Lovers

There was this wonderful woman I worked with briefly when I first started where I am now. We were having a conversation about books and how we almost never get good recommendations or find other people who read what we like to read. I just so happen to have read the first two books ofContinue reading “Finding Kindred Book Lovers”