The Frogs Are Back

I’m getting ready to rip this all out. I just finished redesigning it and making it my own pattern. There are three different cables, all from the same book of stitch patterns. I’ve really enjoyed making this, but am also really eager to try my version out. The garter braids will still be the anchorContinue reading “The Frogs Are Back”

It Just Needs a Good Soak

My sister’s sweater is finally done and it feels pretty good. I was able to smooth the collar edge in one spot. The stockinette edging on the pockets did indeed make it much easier to sew them on. And I’ve decided mixing buttons is my signature. Speaking of, I need to buy more. I likeContinue reading “It Just Needs a Good Soak”

(Mostly) Following a Pattern

I think of this sweater as my main side project. I go back to it as a palate cleanser between items, or for a break from more complicated creations (or frustrating ones.). It’s rare for me to find a pattern I like ‘as is’. I’m either reworking them, or mixing them together. These days I’mContinue reading “(Mostly) Following a Pattern”

That Was Anticlimactic

The sweater that sat half done for years is complete and I don’t really feel anything about it. I mean, I like it. I’m proud of it. But I just moved on to the next unfinished project. My daughter tried it on and her only request was to make the collar smaller. I said noContinue reading “That Was Anticlimactic”