Trying to do Some Fall Cooking

Now that the weather is turning cooler, my cooking mojo is beginning to return. We had BBQ pulled pork with steamed asparagus the other night. I neglected to take pictures. It was quite delicious though.

Then, grilled cheese with bacon and tomato bisque. I bake bacon in the oven to avoid a lot of mess and grease splatter burns. Then I made the grilled cheese on the stovetop. I usually use a grilled cheese press, so I’m a little rusty with a pan and burned a few. I ate them anyway, and they were still good. I just use the tomato bisque as a dip, hence the tiny cup of it. This is definitely one of my favorite chilly/cold weather meals.

I love having frozen ravioli on hand and I’ve taken to stocking up on chicken tenders, so we had ricotta and spinach stuffed mini ravioli and chicken tenders. It always makes me happy. The kids usually like it too, but they didn’t seem very excited this time. And it was another missed picture.

My mom and I have been a great tag team on dinner while she’s been here visiting. I tend to have a plan and get started while she finishes it up. I had plans for rotisserie chicken with roasted potatoes and vegetables. I picked up the chicken on my way home from work while my youngest helped Oma pick out what to roast. We have mixed baby potatoes (red, butter, and purple), broccoli, baby carrot, and apples in this version. It was delicious!

And another sheet pan meal. Sausage with purple sweet potatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and green beans. Another hit! I’m really enjoying this cooking meals thing again.

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