Time with Oma

It’s always a bit sad on Oma’s last morning with us. We have such a limited circle these days that it is even more of a highlight to have her visit. Belle helped her scramble up the eggs and cook them. She absolutely loves being a kitchen helper. Oma served them up with reheated blueberry pancakes she had made the other morning for them. Food has always been a language of love for us. Wholesome, healthy meals made to nourish those you care about.

My husband and I took a few hours for ourselves one night, my mom and I took an afternoon for some mother-daughter time, and having my mom here means we don’t have to do all the parenting or entertaining. It’s a wonderful reprieve. It’s also wonderful to have another like-minded adult around. I love the conversations and debates my husband and I get into, but I often forget what it’s like to have such a fluid conversation about hot topics. I mean, she did raise me.

So now that the house is more orderly again (my mom is amazing at keeping up on those daily tasks that pile up when you skip a day or two), I should be able to maintain this for about a week or so. With the girls help of course. I really love my mom’s visits for the time my kids get with her. They become these amazing people around her. They can also be absolute terrors too, but I try to focus on the positive. They’re still figuring it all out. I expect them to get frustrated and overwhelmed a lot.

As usual, it was a pretty brief visit, but we cherished every moment and look forward to her next one. Even my husband.

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