Another Monday

Back again to Monday. And what a glorious Monday it is! When I walked into the house this morning, after dropping the kids off at school, it struck me all of a sudden. The silence. The beautiful, uninterrupted quiet. I simply stood there for a moment, one hand on the doorknob, the other drifting down from where I hung my keys, and breathed it in.

I’m slowly working my way through my second cup of coffee. My husband gave me this mug many Valentines ago and I think of him every time I use it. It reminds me of our younger years. Days where we didn’t even realize how much energy we had. He was working crazy hours while I was home taking care of a baby. It’s been a wild journey that got us to a late night of filling out class Valentines for three kids the night before they need to be in to let them sit for a few days before they can be handed out during these pandemic times. We got it done.

We also had a pretty smooth morning, even with me oversleeping by 20 minutes. 15 minutes of that is a buffer. With that extra 15, we are usually ready early. Without it, we are scrambling at the last second to get out the door with lots of hollering. Our younger two helped to pack lunches. My oldest actually didn’t need much prodding to get up and get dressed. It got dicey when eating breakfast ran into brushing teeth time and then that ran into putting on shoes and rounding up all the loose ends time. But we did it! Out the door and at school with a few moments to spare.

Now time for some reading and knitting. Maybe I’ll do some cleaning. Maybe I won’t. It’s another crazy Monday for me.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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