Evolution of Birthday Parties

I’m so happy we have arrived at the stage of sleepover birthday parties. Crazy, right? The stress of a two hour affair is worse for me. Now, I just make sure there’s food, cake, and ice cream and let them do what they want. Which is to hangout in their bedroom. I check in fromContinue reading “Evolution of Birthday Parties”


I’m fine. My body and I have had an adventure of a journey together. I’m sad to say I have deliberately cut myself off from this organic machine at different points in my life. Understanding that I had to in order to survive doesn’t make this treacherous journey of reconnection any easier. I’m fine. We’veContinue reading “Thoughts”

Collecting Tarot Decks

I bought my first tarot deck from a New Age store at fifteen. At the time, I lived in a small city where finding this kind of establishment felt almost scandalous. I had been brought up in a loving, kind, and supportive Christian environment and my exploration into other beliefs was often encouraged. My mom,Continue reading “Collecting Tarot Decks”

It’s Not Working

If my discarded blog posts could be made into a physical pile of crumpled pages, I’d be buried in them. I keep getting these great ideas, but they morph into slippery blobs when I try to type them up. I can’t seem to stay on point and the rambling is really annoying. If I can’tContinue reading “It’s Not Working”

Rabbit Holes

Man have I done it to myself. This passion project about Twilight (which is really a bigger passion project about sexism in literature) has taken me down a lot of paths. I knew this would happen. Sigh. I’m only slightly surprised that it’s overlapping with my Beauty and the Beast project. The similarities between theContinue reading “Rabbit Holes”

Spring Entered Differently This Year

The last bit of winter here was bleak, cold, and wet. It was as though Winter just didn’t know how to say goodbye. There was nothing unusual about it still being wintery. It simply felt desperate to hang on. Then Spring burst up around us. It was as though all the birds and the bugsContinue reading “Spring Entered Differently This Year”

Something Really Strange Happened

We decided to have Taco Bell for dinner tonight. Usually I make my husband go get takeout, or do the quick store runs in the evenings. I’m usually pooped by this point, even on my days off. I just don’t want to leave the house. Tonight, however, even though it was my husband’s idea, IContinue reading “Something Really Strange Happened”

If Only I Would Shop Online

When we first moved out to a more rural area, driving into town wasn’t such a big deal. It felt good to be in familiar places and shop at my usual stores. Well, gas prices went up and making the trip felt more and more laborious. I got more comfortable going to the local stores.Continue reading “If Only I Would Shop Online”