It’s Not Just Making a Phone Call

On the surface it sounds simple enough. Just pick up the phone and do it. But it’s so much more complicated than that. First, I need a script. I have a tendency to freeze when I panic, or forget everything as soon as the other person says “hello”. So I will practice what I needContinue reading “It’s Not Just Making a Phone Call”

I’m Doing It

It’s that time of year again. I’m getting myself organized and trying to check things off my ‘to do’ list that have been mounting the anxiety attacks as they sat unattended. First, make a list. It may sound silly, but actually making the list has been more than I can bear. So I decided toContinue reading “I’m Doing It”

“What would you do with a free afternoon?”

“What would you do with a free afternoon?” We wax philosophically with each other. “Read a book.” “Take a bath, or maybe a nap.” “I could get that corner cleaned up. It’s been nagging at me for a while.” “I would watch what I want, without worry of interruption.” “I could solve the world’s problemsContinue reading ““What would you do with a free afternoon?””

Thoughts On Gender

This is my lap at the moment. Something that usually brings me a calming joy. It’s been rough lately. I’ve finished some knitting side quests and am trying to focus on my daughter’s sweater now. I was reading a comforting murder mystery, but my mood has shifted with the world’s turmoil and I’m back toContinue reading “Thoughts On Gender”

Time For Something a bit Drastic

This is pretty major for me. I’ve had short hair before. I’ve colored it red many times in various shades. It’s been black with lots of purple and some blue. A reddish purple that blended out to red. It was even pink for a few days in Switzerland. I could fill a book with allContinue reading “Time For Something a bit Drastic”

Seriously Anxiety!

I’ve taken a few more days off from working out than I had been planning. My mom’s visits usually do that. But now I’m suffering the consequences. Today’s anxiety is sort of like an unexplained dread. I’m starting a new adventure (I am taking on a second massage job) and the great unknown is unnerving.Continue reading “Seriously Anxiety!”

Color Therapy

Everyone has been a bit frayed lately. This has been a rather gloomy winter after some really difficult years. Stress fatigue is setting in hard. So I pulled out my coloring book and picked up where I left off on this page. I’ve been ping ponging between feeling really grounded and centered, and almost completelyContinue reading “Color Therapy”