Snow Outside Means Knitting Inside

I have so much to do today and this snow is making me want to just curl up and knit. The area I live in is not known for its snow removal abilities and most people have vehicles that don’t mind the snow. My car, however, hates the cold and gets mad whenever I try to take her out in this.

First section. Pattern called diagonal couching. Looks like pebbles to me and stands for the earth element.

I did accomplish quite a bit yesterday, even with the kids. They weren’t the most helpful, there was some arguing, but they did help. We sorted through clothes and I’m proud of how much they were willing to get rid of. I filled the dishwasher a few times and they unloaded it each time. We managed to get the dinning room a little more presentable as well.

This is a Drawn-Leaf pattern and represents the air element. The breeze through the trees.

I also really need to call a dentist for my oldest. She broke her tooth again, only its much worse this time. We took her in to get it fixed, but they can’t do anything until after she’s gone to a specialist. The only two places in our network are at least 2-3 hours away. Maybe more. I am not looking forward to that drive. I’ve also been trying to have my husband handle this, but with his work schedule, it’s up to me. Which is kind of the point of my schedule. I just really don’t like dentists. Not dentists as people, just the whole thing. I’ve had a lot of work done over the years and will have more in the future and it all sucks.

The final section is almost done. Called Openwork Clusters it makes me think of sandy beaches and represents the fire element.

So, I think I’ll sit here and finish my coffee and knit. Then I’ll try making that phone call and see if it’s still snowing after that. Maybe I’ll get out of the house for a few errands and make it back in time to get a few things done before I have to go pick up the kids from school. At least today isn’t a snow day. The district has probably gotten a lot of angry emails over the snow days (when there was barely anything on the ground) and requiring the kids to do online school for the day instead of relaxing. Heaven forbid the school year be extended by a few days!

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