Found the Library!

Our youngest’s selection.

We don’t spend as much time reading as I would like, but we are a family of readers. I have been meaning to check out the library in town since we moved in in May, but life… Finally we made it over after school a couple weeks ago and the kids were thrilled. It’s very small and still uses the stamp cards in the back of the books, but I love that.

Our middle one’s picks.

My youngest two were very excited for the holiday section full of Halloween books. They quickly found some books they liked and sat to read while the rest of us hunted. My oldest wandered around unhappy with her choices. She is at that age where the kids books are too young, but the young adult is a bit too adult. She finally found a book, but I don’t think she is really enjoying it. Which is probably for the best. I think it’s more for teenagers than an almost pre-teen kid.

Our oldest’s pick.

I was not real hopeful I would find something for me, but trying something new is how I have found a lot of really good books. I am already in the middle of two books with plans to read the Harry Potter series again, so of course I found a book to borrow.

More to come on these in the future, but for now the Ani Difranco memoir was a gift from a friend. So far, it has been a wonderful reminder of where I come from (we were both born in Buffalo, NY) and who I really am. Red Queen is the sequel to Alice by Christina Henry and I just love her version of one of my favorite stories. Then I found Coastliners written by the same person who wrote Chocolat. I love the movie, and after watching it several times, I finally read the book. I definitely recommend it. Coastliners has the same pull and style and I am looking forward to reading it- in the future. I’m returning it until I’m ready because I remembered a trilogy that is perfect to re-read this time of year.

The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. This is one of my most treasured sets of books and I ate them up about a year or so ago. They are everything you could want, and then some, from a story about a witch and a vampire and a lot of history. It’s the kind of book that reminds you grown-ups have lush imaginations too, full of depth and intelligence. One of my greatest fears as a child and teen was that adult books would not have the same magic that the ones of my youth did. I am delighted to discover those fears were wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Found the Library!

  1. Best thing about libraries, is that you can afford to experiment. The best thing about librarians (My sister is one) is that they’re knowledgeable. Your oldest should ask.


    1. Librarians definitely have a wealth of knowledge! Ours is so happy to see kids reading that she’s very willing to try to help her find something! ☺️


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