It’s Been a While

I have been regularly writing posts. I swear. They’re just all in my head. My mind and my body have been so restless I spend most of my time wandering around taking care of this or that in order to relax and then run out of time to do so. Because of the restlessness, my anxiety has me piling up the yarn projects. Or snuggling my kids. Or zoning out while staring at the tv screen. Certain things have simply been crowded out by the demands of life right now.

We had a magical Halloween. Our oldest dressed up as some death version of Link from a series of character stories she found way too young online. (Lots of blame to go around on that one, but the main thing is we are working on the result of early exposure to the wrong material). She was excited and most people just recognized her as Link.

Our middle wanted to be a devil. We found the last devil set at the costume store during an anxiety attack (I’m trying to learn how to help her through them, but sometimes you can’t avoid the chaos) and later found some awesome red wings, once most of us had calmed down. She wore a velvet red dress with it all, and a red ribbon sash to hold the tail.

Our youngest was going to be Elsa from Frozen. Then she was going to be an Ice Queen with a mask. Got her all that. Then decided to be Aang from Avatar when she saw the costume at the store. They were all so excited. We did our first Trunk or Treat. I had never even heard of these things until I moved to this area back in my twenties. It was fun and our girls really enjoyed it.

Trick or Treating in our new town was magical. I felt like we were in the perfect feel-good movie. Everyone was spaced out enough that the girls had to look for porch lights to knock on doors or ring bells (our old neighborhood was just a steady stream of people coming from both ways and everyone sitting outside). There were lots of dogs to pet and the girls saw a few of their friends from school. We were out for three hours! They came home with quite the haul. They are still picking their way through it all.

Thanksgiving was quiet. My mom was the only one who could make it. It was really nice. We cooked and watched Tic Tic Boom while James took the girls to his brother’s house for his family’s meal. The girls had fun. Then we all ate together at home.

So, it’s been good, but we are also still stressed out and still catching up on a lot of things. Right now I’ve got two of them jumping all over me because I have left them to their own devices for too long while writing this.

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