I Bought More Books

I need to start devoting more time to reading. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately that I’ve been soothing myself with cross stitch and watching Downton Abbey for the hundredth time. The hyper focusing helps me quiet the inner monologue.

I had planned on taking the girls to Barnes and Noble, and since my mom is visiting, we went. So, of course, I bought more books. I’m not sure why there were a couple Bridgerton displays. I’m assuming another season is coming. Since I enjoyed the show, I figured I’d try the books.

Then I saw this book and have always been interested in these topics. I’m looking forward to what I’ll be learning. My mom enjoyed Kate Moore’s other book, The Radium Girls, and it’s another on my to-read list.

Then I remembered I have been wanting to read more thriller/horror novels and saw this. I don’t really enjoy watching scary stuff anymore. It’s too stressful. I’m also really picky and get disappointed by books that were really hyped. There are also certain plot lines I refuse to subject myself to. My imagination takes care of those ones for me. No need to feed the lion. This one sounds really good and right up my alley. Horror used to be one of the only genres I read for fun.

Then I realized what book I had just picked before this one and thought it was funny.

I looked at my choices. What a variety. I thought about the pile of books waiting for my attention at home and bought these three to add to it. I’m hoping as the weather warms, I’ll spend time reading on the porch. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Until then, I will be content to make my way through this canvas and my comfort shows.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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