High School Reunion

Scrolling through Facebook I came across a post from my high school class page. The plans for our 20 year reunion are in the works. I sent along my email address for more details as they are made. I’m surprisingly shocked.

I went to a large school where most kids had known each other since elementary/middle school. I had moved there for eighth grade and was still basically the new kid the entire five years I was there. I don’t really know the people organizing this reunion, but we have friends in common.

This led me to pull out my senior year book. The things I had forgotten. The antics I was known for. The clubs and groups I dropped out of because I needed a job, or to unburden my stress level as I learned about my anxiety disorder and its cohorts. The friends I lost, the ones I gained. My great big plans for college (I did a year and a half). I was pretty wild, yet rather mild.

Looking through the messages scribbled onto the pages I was struck by what my teachers had to say. Their encouragement of my creativity and fight. Their appreciation of my potential. It is exactly what I needed to remember right now.

These teachers had seen me survive a lot of difficult situations. My English/Literature teachers read my papers and class journals. I was able to be honest and vulnerable in them because I trusted them and they respected that.

My art teacher unlocked an ability in me that I thought wasn’t possible. He taught me how to look at things like a visual artist would. He encouraged me to follow my own vision and let me have free range. I’ll never forget him laughing every time I got to play with charcoal or pastels. I was a mess every time.

Both my art and German language teachers had my siblings as students too. They had a unique view into our family even though we never had classes together. My German teacher was one of the most forgiving, but also called me out. She kept me straight and I will always appreciate her caring.

My history and science teachers appreciated my enthusiasm and never shied away from my questions and challenging perspectives. Math teachers and I are a story for another day. I get it now, though. Totally different brains.

I think I’m saying I’d rather just see all (ok several of) my teachers. There are definitely some friends I still have and some people it would be nice to catch up with after 20 years. It’s a nice excuse to finally see some familiar faces from my past. When you have kids (at least for me with my three), visiting distant pals isn’t as easy as it was before.

And some of those encouraging sentiments from my teachers were echoed in what my friends and classmates wrote. I kind of forgot the good stuff from my senior year. It’s been so long since I’ve even really thought about that part of my history.

But wow. Twenty years. If anything else I appreciate this trip down memory lane. The perspective time and growth can give you is truly beautiful. I would never go back, but I am grateful for how those years shaped me and the people that were there along the way. We’ll see what happens.

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