Spring Entered Differently This Year

The last bit of winter here was bleak, cold, and wet. It was as though Winter just didn’t know how to say goodbye. There was nothing unusual about it still being wintery. It simply felt desperate to hang on.

Then Spring burst up around us. It was as though all the birds and the bugs showed up on the same day, filling the air with their conversations. Daffodils and lilacs forced their way through the debris of the beds they had slumbered long enough in. Buds greeted the morning and now all the white blossom trees are in full effect, like beacons announcing Spring’s arrival.

I have found myself embracing the season in a way I never have before. The sun feels welcoming instead of harsh, even if we’re having 80 degree days (Fahrenheit). The sudden appearance of all this noise of life made the silence of the last several months that much more profound. I had really leaned into the rest part of the season and I’m refreshed. At least for now.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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