“Patience is a virtue” was one of the running mantras of my childhood. Almost every adult who held influence on me used the phrase. It was not something that came easily for me. Being the determined (stubborn) person that I am decided to work really hard at it. This attitude may explain some of my hobby choices. Like knitting.

This particular sweater has been in the works for a while now. I enjoy it, but it gets dull after awhile. Especially this section of the collar. I love knit 1, purl 1 rib, but I get so bored! I actually started another project last night because everything is at a boring spot and I wanted some challenge.

I’m slowly making progress. Another inch and a half and I’ll be onto the next section, which is a bit more interesting. And that much closer to the finish line. Patience. It won’t be long now. Just in time for summer.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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