One For My Oldest

As I’m knitting myself a new slouch hat, I’m mapping out a sweater for my oldest. It’s going to be the same as my freshly finished plum one, but with cables she chose, and slightly smaller. At eleven, she’s almost as tall as me and likes things baggy/loose, so I’m sure this will fit her. I am also positive I have enough yarn.

I wrote down the ones she liked and then figured out which ones would work together. Figured out where they would all sit and then applied it to the sweater pattern. Then I began to hand write the pattern so everything is all in one place.

I’m currently working my way through writing out the increase rows. It makes it easier to knit when all the hard work is done ahead. For almost three days now, I’ve been flipping through the pages of the book, using an index card for a symbol key and a chart guide. Once all the increases are done being written out and the sleeve sectioning happens, I’ll write each chart in my shorthand into the same notebook and use the master guide for reference. And of course a master tally sheet, so each cable is kept track of.

Top-Down Knit Sweaters by Corrina Ferguson. Her patterns are well written and I have been able to easily adapt different stitch patterns to suit my tastes. Great book!

My master guide. I often stack the rows to easily see each garment section, and even darken the m’s that mark these breaks so I don’t mix them up with the m’s for the cable sections. I will also be using white markers for the yoke sections, and green and purple for the cables. Maybe blue, too.

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