Something Really Strange Happened

We decided to have Taco Bell for dinner tonight. Usually I make my husband go get takeout, or do the quick store runs in the evenings. I’m usually pooped by this point, even on my days off. I just don’t want to leave the house.

Tonight, however, even though it was my husband’s idea, I offered to go get it. The thought of ordering our usual items from the drive thru didn’t even sound painful.

I made a pit stop for something else first and took a minute to look at the menu online. Now, we get the same thing every time, but I still fumble and panic when my husband wants me to do this task. We don’t do it often enough for it to be easy for me. I still stumble over my Starbucks order and call the sizes by small, medium, and large because I just can’t.

I was apparently feeling good today and used my prepping technique that works for phone calls too. I wrote down our order in my handy, dandy notebook and set off with my script ready. I pulled up to order and didn’t even remember to use it.

I simply ordered what we needed without a hitch. I actually got the chicken tacos I ordered (seems there’s often a mix-up at this place) and home I went. I still had a large pit of anxious dread in my chest, but that’s my normal state. It had nothing to do with the task I had just completed.

So I did something relatively out of character without any anxiety about it and that’s pretty awesome.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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