Getting Things Done

Because life is beating me up and I’m pretty tired of taking it, I’m trying to tackle the backlog of projects that are obstructing my progress. I’m also encouraging my husband to start getting more involved around the house again to get him feeling better able to handle our stress. While he whacked all ourContinue reading “Getting Things Done”

Facing Yourself

When you are forced to take a good look at what you’ve been doing to yourself for years, it is anything but comfortable. Knowing I was doing my best helps a little. Realizing what that best was up against is validating and heart wrenching. I’ve always hated being treated as a damsel, unless I’ve decidedContinue reading “Facing Yourself”

Knitting Away Anxiety

It began yesterday evening and has steadily climbed to a full anxiety attack that greeted me this morning. The best I can do is ride it out and keep myself as calm as possible. I rarely have panic attacks these days. As long as I’m handling life ok I don’t have them. Anxiety and anxietyContinue reading “Knitting Away Anxiety”

Something Really Strange Happened

We decided to have Taco Bell for dinner tonight. Usually I make my husband go get takeout, or do the quick store runs in the evenings. I’m usually pooped by this point, even on my days off. I just don’t want to leave the house. Tonight, however, even though it was my husband’s idea, IContinue reading “Something Really Strange Happened”

More Stormy Weather

Still no real news on the job front, but more tough stuff has arrived. Our oldest just got suspended for the rest of the school year. There may be charges, but we’re hopeful they see the struggle she’s in and take her young age and clean record into account. I need to schedule her someContinue reading “More Stormy Weather”

A Post Short

I’m having a tough time trying to find something to write about today. I’ve got a ton of ideas, but nothing is coming out right. I get going with something and delete it all. I’ve been listing again. It started with the grocery list. I have a system that I have been perfecting since theContinue reading “A Post Short”