Knitting Away Anxiety

It began yesterday evening and has steadily climbed to a full anxiety attack that greeted me this morning. The best I can do is ride it out and keep myself as calm as possible.

I rarely have panic attacks these days. As long as I’m handling life ok I don’t have them. Anxiety and anxiety attacks are a different story. Sleep, food, water, and exercise usually help, but I’ve been struggling to accomplish these tasks. So here I sit, in utter dread for life, but I look completely normal.

Knitting often soothes whatever has spiked my threat-response. The repetitive rhythm, the familiar feel in my hands, the grounding and centering that happens with each finished round. I have to focus just enough that it distracts my feverished, nail-biting, conspiracy wielding self. Slowly they’ll fade away and my more discerning self will emerge.

Until then, I’ll just keep knitting one round after the other, reminding myself that sometimes this is what taking care of myself means. With a little more yoga (yes, I did that too), and maybe something to eat, I should be feeling well enough by the time the kids get home from school.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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